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Engine revision
The block is returned from the company where it was taunted and flattened. This immediately painted black and equipped with new frost plugs. He had original, yes original short skirt pistons lie! According to him, I have the right block, since it meant that my block is equipped with short studs and my pistons have oil ducts. To see the detail photo (small oil hole). The factory mark of Brown's Lane Coventry is still seen. Piston rods have now new modern self-locking nuts and bolts. All thrust washers are updated, crankshaft has a modern oil seal. Furthermore, there are better fitted chains and all the guides are replaced. After the cylinder head is polished and painted gold, it features "tappet guide hold down kit". Just in case. Meanwhile, the fuel tank is chemical cleaned. The radiator is also ready, a company fit new canals and tested it for leaking. Not the best picture, but the radiator looks brand new now. The gearbox is also completely overhauled. All bearings and also the 4 synchromesh rings. Due to little wear on the lay shaft this is also replaced inclusive the roller needles. All gaskets renewed, detail; the gasket between the gearbox and the clutch housing is properly placed! Behind the ring of the main bearing. And i did not alter the gasket to fit around the bearing.

Sequence of pictures are sadly randomly placed by the web server, i can't get this in the right order.