Tuesday april 29th 2003:
Finally there is the moment to pick up the car. We have arranged a van and a trailer. Rope, tools. My brother will drive behind us on his motorbike. On the way we catch up my colleague in Eindhoven. He and Angeli will take pictures of the entire operation.
On our way we drink a cup of coffee and we are all in a good mood. When we arrive in Moerdijk we follow the marks that leads us to a small office where I have to sign all kinds of paperwork. Meanwhile Angeli, my brother and colleague go downstairs to search the E-type. The first thing we see is the hood. It's taped on the car. The car looks very small. There are holes in the seats, water on the floor and buckets boxes with parts, srews, rubbers etc. All wet......! But she looks great!! We can smell her, touch her. Fantastic. What's the true collour? Partly it's black.
There is a guy standing next to the car and asks us what we think about the state of the car. He doesn't believe in a total recovery.
The trunk is full of chromium parts like bumperparts, spare wheel, and one wired wheel extra. When we look to the car more often, it doesn't seems to look very bad at all. From the beginning I was aware of the condition of the car.It's nice to have the Californian numberplates.
It was very hard to push and pull the car on the trailer, because the front suspension was bend. Because the hood was taped on the car we tried to get it in the van but unfortunately it didn't fit.
A couple of hours later we arrive at home. The car exactly fits in the garage. We also found a photo, coins, stamps and a telephonelist.
We wonder what's the entire history of the car. What happend the last 36 years with the car and his owners? The air in the garage smells good. When everybody leaves we don't know where to start.
First thing to do is to get rid of the water on the bottom of the car before it's get rusty. Towels are needed and a heater. The parts in the boxes and bucket also must be cleaned.
For the first time we can sleep very well that night.

Wednesday april 30th 2003:
Today in Holland it's Queensday. We dont go to that party this year. We have got other things to do. We make pictures of the car and the spare parts. Meanwhile a neighbour walks by and shows his interest. He thinks he can help us to get English tools.

Friday may 2nd 2003
On the Heritage website in England I can ask for a certificate. I must give the body number of the car. It all costs £ 30. Who cares?

Friday, may 16th 2003:
We received the certificate today. Originally the car's exterior and interior are black. Also the hood is. At september 28 1966 the car is manufactured and october 21 1966 the car was delivered in New York and it's first owner was Robert Dougherty.

Sunday, may 25th 2003:
We made a reservation in Belgium to go to the E-Type Days.

Friday, may 29th 2003:
Today we are going to Belgium, Lavaux St. Anne. It seems to been a beautiful castle. There will be the start of the E-Type tour the next day.

Saturday, may 30th 2003:
As we arrive at the Castle there are a lot of E-Types. When we meet the organizer we immediately are invited tj join the day and breakfast with al the others. It's no problem that we are not with the E-Type. That's nice!!
Marvelous surroundings, nice weather, E-Types....What more do we want? We pass the French border and when we take a lunch together. The tour ends in Luxembourg. That's were we say goodbye as they go to their hotel and we leave to go home.

Saterday june 28 2003:
Today we will try to get the motor out of the car. It's not easy to do so.

Friday july 18th 2003:
The car is partly stripped and the parts are cleaned.

Sunday july 20th 2003:
This whole weekend we cleaned the car with paraffin. All the cleaned parts we store in the barn where we made a big rack. The chromium parts has to be done now, but I think most of it must be chromium-plated again.

Sunday july 27th 2003:
Unfortunately the result of polishing the chromium parts is a bit of a disappointment.

Thursday september 25th 2003:
Untill now the stripping of the car is in a advanced stage. The dashboard is dismantled, also the rest of the interior. What's left is the fuel- and brake line, petrol tank with pump and the independent rear suspension. The back of the dashboardpanel and it's clocks are very rusted!! Probable something causes a short-circuit behind the dashboardpanel and they put it out with water. I got the complete wiring out of the car which was a big kind of job.

Saturday january 3th 2004:
Today I drained the fuel tank. First I thought the tank was completely full (65 ltr) with fuel but there only came out about 8 ltr. Meanwhile I'm looking for a good paintshop because I will finish the bodywork this year.

Saturday january 10th 2004:
This weekend there was the MECC Interclassics in Maastricht(Netherlands). This year's theme was Jaguar!!. There were lots of E-types presented. Click here to see some pictures.

Friday march 6th 2004:
The Antwerp Classic Salon (Belgium) took place this weekend. Of course we were also there. This time there was an E-Type like mine. A black 1966 Roadster Series I 4.2.
There were 3 halls with cars and 1 with parts and accessories.
Click here to see some pictures.

Saterday april 3rd 2004:
Techno Classica Essen(Germany) took place for the 16th time. It's the biggest one in the world. Total 110000 m2. It was very crowded and a lot of Ford, Jaguar and Rolls Royce.
Click here for an impression.

Sunday april 18th 2004:
There is a tour in a village in the neighbourhood. It's organised by a new Oldtimer Club. All kinds of oldtimers.
Click here for an impression.

Sunday june 20th 2004:
Pirelli Italia a Zandvoort(Netherlands). Beautifull cars from Italy.
Nice races like Pirelli Maranello Challenge.
Click here for an impression.

Sunday july 4th 2004:
Summer Tour in Deurne(Netherlands) organised by Deurnese Oldtimer Club. This time the clothes they wear matches the year of manufacturing of the car.
Click here for an impression.

Sunday july 18th 2004:
A big tour in Venray (Netherlands). As we look at the beautifull cars we suddenly have a big need to return home to finish the car.
Click here for an impression.

Tuesday july 27th 2004:
The frame I build is finished now. Partially screwed and welded. Wheels under the frame makes the car for the first time mobile.

Winter 2004 / 2005:
Last winter I didn't do much.

January 2005:
The steeringwheel is repared with Super Glue. It's brandnew again!

February 2005:
I bought a big tank to icrease the capacity of the compressor.

April 2005:
I placed the tank in the garage and made some preparations to use it fot my sandblasting job.

13 may 2005:
Take the centerconsole in pieces to check if it can be repaired.

March 2007
Make an list of parts which a needed. In the meanwhile found a part of the bonnet, here in Holland. Now i have to find more parts of the bonnet.

May 2007
Holiday in United Kingdom has produced a new frame and subframe. In Coventry at Martin Robey you can buy everything, but unfortunately it doesn't fit all in my car. Still some nuts and bolts and sheet metal partes fits in the car. Also I have bought some overhaul components for the brakes. The bonnet, which i found in United Kingdom, was unfortunately sold, .

June 2007
In the meantime I have brought the car to a restorer. He's got rid of some dents and impurities and replaced one outersill.

September 2007
I started to blast the car to romove some rust. It is quite an aventure. It costs me three days. But now the bulkhead and dashboard is blasted (see photograph). In the meanwhile the painter, has take look and told me to get rid of still a couple asperities and then can I make an appointment.

December 2007:
Before spraying the car i have to see if the frame fits. It takes some effort, but is fits. Even the frontwheel framework incl. the torsiebar sit on its spot. This also applies to the stabilizer rod and the frontwheel suspention. What remains now is the bonnet. See next month what I do.

May 2008
During our trip to England we met someone with same car who has restored it himself. We also visited the Jaguar Day in London at The Ace Cafe.

July 2008
I brought the bonnet to re restorer.

Oktober 2008
The sandblasted parts refitted to the bonnet.

April 2009
This year we visited the Jaguar Spares Day in Stoneleigh (UK). We bought many parts this time and we met Norman Dewis. Norman Dewis is one of the true legends of the British motoring industry. During the course of almost 70 years in the business, 35 years of them as Jaguar’s chief test engineer, Norman was responsible for the development of some of the most fantastic British cars ever to grace road and track.

27 march 2011
This weekend again visited the Jaguar Spares Day in Stoneleigh. Unfortunately we bought less than we had expected to buy. Never mind, this year the E-type celebrates it's 50th birthday and there are some events like Goodwood Festival of Speed in june, Silverstone Classic in July and in september Goodwood the revival.

11 april 2011
I am so happy to say that today I deliverd the E-type to the painter. I can't wait untill she returned home.

May 6, 2011
Now the E-type to the painter, I have now made ​​an appointment with the Jaguar specialist here in Helmond, to test the engine. To get the engine on a trailer I had to get this hoist, but it lacked a lifting eye! Instead of an eye there were three thick washers between the head and bolt. Quick as a regular eye and tried to get it under the bolt. Yes, because what happened, when loosen the head-bolt, it broke off! What a disaster! Can now forget testing. The engine is brought to the specialist, but now for the repair and overhaul. Only the engine is still complete, on the spot I screw everything off from carburetor, starter motor, gearbox, coil to distributor .... etc. This has taken a great afternoon. In itself it was certainly different to tinker with a Jaguar specialist in a workshop with only E-type programs, XJ6 's, MK II and MK XII around you. Great. The next day i went back to make the gearbox grease- and dirt free.

April 2012
The E-type is unfortunately still at the sprayer. Meanwhile, the engine and gearbox nearly overhauled, only little things had to be done.
17 Oktober 2011
The E-type is back from the painter. I can finally begin with building up the car.